Community Service


Acacia Elementary Charter School believes in giving back as a way to improve ourselves and our world.  Each year, students are required to complete 50 hours of community service work which is about one hour per week.  Students receive credit for work at school and in the larger community. 

Teachers also participate frequently and in fact, each teacher hosts one Saturday every year where they lead a community outreach program of their choosing.  Students have the opportunity to pursue any interest they have as well.  Students might volunteer at a homeless shelter, work at a local pre-school, participate in a beach clean up, create a marketing flyer for a local non-profit, and more.  They are only limited by their own creativity. 

It is recommended that all community service hours are pre-approved with either the counseling office or the principal.

Pick something you are interested in, invite others to participate, and get out their and make a difference!  Go Cheetahs!