Attendance Policy


Attendance Policy

One of our goals here at Acacia is to improve our student attendance and reduce tardiness. As you know, attendance and promptness  is a critical factor in student achievement and is also an important skill needed to succeed in the workplace and in life. We want to do our best to support you if there is a special circumstance that you need assistance with.


All absences need to be excused and medical notes must be provided for absences that are more than 3 days. We are currently tracking attendance and parents will be notified by letter if a student has been absent and/or tardy more than 5 times within a school quarter.


Below you will find our school policies regarding attendance, tardy, and truancy policies & procedures:


Acacia Elementary Charter School Attendance Policy Next Steps:


Step 1 - Parent(s) will receive a warning letter

Step 2 - Truancy/Tardy meeting with an administrator

Step 3 - Parent /Student Attendance Contract

Step 4 - Administrative Reporting Procedure:

  • Reporting family to the Acacia Student Success Team

  • Calling a peace officer to report truancy

  • Refer to the Judicial system

  • Possible Expulsion

 For more information, please call 209-477-5599.

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